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Default Does VST3 need any prerequisites?

I am wanting to build a new DAW to replace my olde XPx68 one. I have a new PC with a fast CPU and loads of RAM. After a clean install of W10x64, updating to present and installing all of the hardware drivers I install Reaperx64 and then Scaler. Scaler does not show up as a VST3i as it should.

I install Reaperx64 and Scaler on another PC (Win10x64) - the result is the same. Scaler does not show up as a VST3i.

I install Reaperx64 and Scaler onto a third PC (the one I am typing this on - W10x64) and Scaler shows up as a VST3i as it should. This machine is also used for video editing and as my jukebox.

Back to the original machine. I installed a VST3 plugin to see of it showed up as a VST3i which it did. I then removed the Scaler.vst3 files from Common Files/VST dirs (both x86 and x64). Scaler now is shown as a VSTi (not VST3i).

I am not sure where the root of this issue lies whether with Reaper, Scaler or my two PC's where it will not show up. I am wondering if there is something else needed as it does show on another machine. I have asked the same question of Scaler at PB.

Other things - yes the VST directories are correct. Yes I have cleared the cache and rescanned (countless times).

Any ideas?

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