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Default REAPER 4.75 PPC on a Hackintosh

so ...

doing a bit of a retro-search here ; yeah laugh on . (:

I've seen all these kinds of torrented install isos /dmgs
for OS X panther / tiger (JaS, etc. )

I've got this old Digidesign DIGI001 installed in my PC (Asus P5Q), that is currently running Windows 10 x64 .

I'd like to try and install one of those OSs to use the DIGI001 with REAPER 4.75 PPC
(I know it will run happily with Windows 7 x86) and possibly some old Pro Tools - Software .

Now ... has anyone had any success installing those OSs on an Intel PC ?

/ zergei W .
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It's such a different instruction set for PPC vs. Intel. I think never in a million years.

Why are you trying to go for PPC OSX? Some old plugin?
The Hackintosh business is about building an Intel config machine yourself that you can install Intel OSX on.

I'm pretty sure that literally any other direction than trying to hack PPC OSX onto a Windows Intel machine would be easier.

You could pick up a used Powermac G5 tower for around $150. Something like a dual 2.5 or 2.7GHz system. Then install OSX 10.5 natively. Reaper would do a lot on this machine. Possibly more powerful than what you had?
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