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Default Bizarre, MIDI/VSTi Crisis HELP

Well, crisis in terms of when this problem just popped up out of nowhere, crippling me at a vital time.

Will try to explain as best I can.

All of a sudden certain but not all of my VSTis and AUis will not play incoming MIDI data from my controller. No logic as to which ones. For example, the first two I discovered were SampleTank 3 and Kontakt 5, so I thought it was Sample based issue, but no. Certain NI VAs (Reaktor) don't work, but certain NI VAs (Massive, FM8) do. G-Player ( A Giga translator) works fine. Garritan does not. Sylenth works great, my Sonnox Harpsichord saple in fine, etc.

More details about the problem instruments:

--The VSTis in question WILL play sound from their internal keyboards if they have them, so the samples seem to fine and properly located.

--They WILL play previously recorded MIDI tracks in Reaper.

--The Reaper track meters DO show MIDI data being received. I CAN record MIDI data to the VSTi tracks but the newly recorded data WILL NOT play back sound, even though older data on the same tracks DOES play back sound.

Things I have tried:

--tried multiple times with fresh projects
--Many reboots
--Many resets of Reaper and Mac MIDI
--Updated Reaper just now

When I thought it was just SanmpleTank, I was like "oh, just IK acting up again." But when I saw it was all of Kontakt and Garritan...

My rig:

Latest Reaper on an i Mac running Sierra 10.12.6
MOTU Micro Lite MIDI interface
UA Apollo 8 TB, blackface

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even reading this. If you have any clues please do share!
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Some discoveries. My problem appears to be deep in the labyrthine of MIDI routing.

I discovered that in Kontakt, the samples in question will play if I set MIDI to Omni.

I discovered that in SampleTank, the samples will play if I set the MIDI channel to 5 but only to 5. I am entirely flummoxed by this.

Is there is a real true global master reset I can try?
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That sounds much like you simply switched the output MIDI channel on your controller (inadvertently).
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