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Default Help: Stretching audio to meet marker points

I haven't had a lot of time working with reaper on a regular basis and was trying to see if there was a way to match a couple of different samples I am working for a pastiche.

I have two samples, different bpms. I want to stretch one to match the other. I know I can do this manually, but I would rather be able to do it more rapidly than stretching every sample, listening to see if they match up bpm wise and then drag them out to loop.

Is there a plug-in or built-in system where I could set marker points on one sample; let's say four points, one for each beat of my sample since it is in 4/4 time. And then do the same to the other sample; set the four points of the sample's 4/4. And then hit a shortcut and have the second sample stretch or compress to match its marker points with the four marker points of the first sample. Then I can drag out the two sample at the same time for making part of my loops.

I hope I explained myself clearly. Thanks for the help in advance.
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