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Default v5.984 - October 12 2019

v5.984 - October 12 2019

+ API: fix Windows WM_COPYDATA when using prefix and filename containing # character [t=225196]
+ ARA: improve handling of projects with missing media
+ ARA: preserve edits when copying media items within time selection via action [p=2181690]
+ ARA: support plugins that read audio from multiple threads
+ Actions: add action to set media item playrate from user-supplied source media tempo
+ Actions: add meta-actions to set relative CC value based on next action toggle state/armed state
+ Auto-crossfades: fix behavior when duplicating or moving items [t=216416]
+ Automation items: fix volume envelope display preference affecting automation item playback [t=225354]
+ Batch converter: log files will warn if FX were not loaded
+ Fades: prevent race condition from causing playback glitches during rapid item movement/size/split [t=224925]
+ Freeze: fix unfreeze of duplicated folder tracks or tracks with frozen receives [t=225458]
+ Freeze: update routing buttons for all tracks on freeze/unfreeze
+ Linux: fix VST 8-pixel sizing issue [t=224969]
+ macOS: re-enable rex2 support on Mojave [t=225141]
+ macOS: remove builtin Mojave tab actions from view menu
+ macOS: workaround Mojave bug that causes crashes with certain menu customizations [p=2188125]
+ MIDI: fix incorrect CC marquee selection corner case [t=225839]
+ MIDI: fix text events displayed in arrange view with non-1.0 playrate [t=202705]
+ Media item properties: do not modify phase when adjusting volume for items with mixed phase [t=224996]
+ NINJAM log reading: avoid crash with zero-length OGG files [t=225085]
+ Peaks: fix spectral peaks on items whose folder parents prohibit spectral peaks [t=225766]
+ Stretch markers: improve timing when using 0ms fades and elastique 3 soloist or 2.28 efficient/soloist modes [t=192425]
+ Undo history: improve context menu state to indicate which actions are available
+ VLC: fix VLC 3.x crash with certain colorspace sources [t=225379]
+ Video: fix render configuration from API [t=224539]
+ Wet/dry knobs: improve mouse-up and double-click behavior
+ Windows: uninstaller now respects silent flag passed from command line

This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.
Changelog - Pre-Releases

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Default Crash while saving

This problem seems to occur in both the pre-release and the release candidate.

I have had quite a few crashes lately while Reaper is saving a session.

Here's the symptoms:

1) The manual saves or Reaper is preforming an automatic save.
2) The user hits a key command or tries to trigger an action while Reaper is in the middle of saving.
3) Reaper locks up then force crashes itself.

I believe the problem is that Windows does not know which thread it is supposed to trigger, the save or the new command. The conflict causes reaper to lock up and then Windows force crashes the whole app.

Reaper usually finishes saving the session before it crashes. So, no work is really lost, just a major annoyance having to wait 5 mins for the session to reload.

I think the easiest solution would be for there to be a preference check box or default option that disables actions and key commands while reaper is saving. Basically if the user hits a key command reaper just straight up blocks the action and doesn't make an undo step for that action.
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I'm not sure what that issue is, but I don't think that diagnosis is correct. Do you get crash reports when saving? Is some plug-in showing UI during the save?
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I don't want to be 'that guy,' but I spent about 45 minutes yesterday trying every different combination of stretch-marker settings, and found *very little* improvement, if any. 0ms was still causing timing sync errors (on all settings, I think), even the soloist and efficiency settings.
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I've noticed when saving a session there is a few seconds where Reaper freezes before resuming. Been doing this since 5.983
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Reaper current version:

Bug: Wrong representation of the note position in score.
Maybe I have done something wrong but it seems a bug to me.
Just in case, I'll be grateful if any of you can check if you have the same issue Ty

Notes (from bottom to top):

First Measure:

Second Measure (it's the same chord one semitone down):

[I don't know if it is important: w10, monitor 32, 2560x1440]

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Can anyone confirm I am not wrong?

Having G# G# instead of G G#, as in the above example, seems to me a big notation problem.
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I installed v5.984 this morning, and immediately my Apogee Duet Firewire couldn't playback from Reaper. I had no problem switching to my internal laptop speakers. I switched back to v5.983 and everything worked again.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)
macOS v10.14.6
Apogee Maestro v2.10.2
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