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Default Sweatening compressed audio from Zoom(Skype)

Hi, I have some audio from an interview done over zoom (similar to Skype) and the audio sounds very tinny with lots of high end. I managed to make it sound a bit better using an EQ. I've slightly boosted bass and reduced the high frequencies. Probably nothing else I can do but wondered if anyone had any ideas?

On the same note, I'm wondering what is the best way of doing there remote interviews (skype, zoom, VOIP...) from an audio quality perspective?

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audio quality of these services depends on their audio/video codec used, on the upload bandwidth of your internet connection and on the audio equipment used. You can increase quality by using a dedicated mic instead of the internal mic of a laptop or - better yet - a decent mic connected to a decent audio interface.

I'm doing private conferences via palava.tv and audio quality is remarkably good (for my peers) when I connect a Neumann condenser mic via an RME Babyface.

Several solutions exist to directly record the conversation with virtually no loss in quality, however, quality will depend on the factors mentioned above.

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The BEST way is all participants recording themselves on dedicated devices alongside with the call being recorded separately. Then the editor replaces the compressed/streamed audio with the properly recorded audio in editing.

The audio quality internal to Skype is variable and generally not very good, together with the standard headset-mics and so on that many people use it can be a real nightmare.
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air conditioning will help with the sweat......
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