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Default Video transitions and other video features

Using Reaper for audio and Ligthworks for video, I am considering doing it all in Reaper. What I am currently examining, is if Reaper is "ready" and will be a time saver. (Lightworks is not at the Reaper level when it comes to track management, but has many good features for manipulation)

My use is normally humble, I need:

1. Let's say I am putting 50 videoclips from a son's soccer match together. I would then prefer to add a Video processor "plugin" on one track that creates some transitions between subsequent clips, for example a simple dissolve. IOW, that when I overlap two clips on that track, they will be subject to the chosen transition.

If I want to vary the transition type throughout these clips, I would use a clip FX, or perhaps group a number of tracks, each track setup with a different transition effect. Then I would put the clips on these tracks in a varying manner and achieve a variation in the transition effects.

I have seen good tutorials from e.g. Jon Tidey, but the procedure look a little complicated and time consuming.

Is there any "plugin" available that will serve this humble need?

2. Similar to this, some videos may contain "pictures on top of underlying video, coming and going". Is there a plugin to easily achieve this?

3. The text feature I understand and have no questions about.

Finally, the video processor mode is non graphical. Is there in pipeline for Reaper a more graphical interface, for example similar to what is offered in LightWorks? I attach a picture of LightWorks.
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