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Default Help? Vista 64, MOTU pcie, and Reaper....

I'm a fairly experienced audio engineer when it comes to consoles, microphones, and tape machines. Computers? Not so much. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, and thank you in advance...

I have a MOTU 24i/o, pcie card, a Vista 64 bit PC. I just switched back to PC from an older single processor overtaxed Mac G5. I purchased a pcie card to fit the new PC's slots rather than the pci card I had been using with the G5.

Okay, so...shorthand is this: Reaper's not seeing all the ins and outs on the pcie card. Longhand version:

downloaded motu driver for the pcie card for 64 bit Vista. After a couple of tries, got both the computer and Reaper to recognize it. I'm a little confused, as when I had done this download for my old Mac, it came with a cuemix console with which I mapped ins and outs. Not seeing anything like that here, although the pcie console has a section where you enable ins and outs for 24 channels worth. Maybe this is the 64 bit windows equivalent? Seems strange, but could be. it's much LESS elaborate than the old thing, which makes me suspicious. On other forums, folks are saying this is not MOTU's issue, but is a Reaper recognition issue...

Reaper routing matrix will show and allow many inputs; but only 'analog 1', 'analog 2', and 'analog 1+2' as outputs. I don't seem to be able to find anyplace to change this in Reaper's audio preferences section. Both the ins and outs are all enabled on the pcie audio console. (they're listed in pairs, and all are enabled.)

I don't get it. I need help. Anyone?

thanks in advance-

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Chris Meck
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I changed some settings on the audiocard pcie console and now Reaper's seeing the ins and outs, however, all ins are mono (which I want) but all the outs are stereo/doubled (!?) pairs? which I don't. And audio is not passing back out of the interface anyway. (I've got full metering on the 24 i/o on input with a microphone, just no output metering or sound at the console.)

It's doing a thing where like output 16= output 16+17. So where do I change that? and why is no audio passing through those even when I select those outputs via the routing matrix?

What I would really like is a nice simple 24 mono in with corresponding channels and 24 mono out. 1 to 1 summing as it were. Somewhere it's getting screwy. Help? Thanks!?
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Hey Chris,

Don't know how much help I can be, but here's a couple of things that come to mind.

First, in Reaper, click Options, then Preferences from the file menu bar at the top. In the Preferences dialog box, look on the left side. You should see a menu divided in an outline form. One of the major headings should be Audio and just under that as a child should be Device. Click on Device. On the right hand side of the screen you should see the properties for your audio devices. Look and see what it says in the drop down box labelled Output Device. It should list all 24 of your outputs. If not, drop down the box and select 1-24.

Now, in order to get that one to one mapping you're looking for, you'll need to create a template that maps each input to a track and each track to an output. To do this, start a new project and add 24 tracks to it. Then right click the VU meter for each track, select Input and then select the appropriate input number for that track. Next, click the I/O button. Add a new hardware output. Select the appropriate matching output for that track. You may wish to disable the default output to channels 1 and 2. Next click File and then Project Templates then Save as Project Template. Each time you open Reaper, you can use that as a template and it will automatically map your ins to tracks to your outs.

While I have several 24I/O's (and a couple of 24 I's) I have no use for Vista. XP is working just fine and I haven't found a sufficient reason to migrate, so I can't be much help on that.

Hope some part of this helps.
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