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Originally Posted by Tim Ragnur View Post
I recently had a job involving a lot of punch in recording vocal dubs. When I do it the basic way - that is pressing Play, then Rec on punch in spot - the key is to start plenty in advance, since I don't want to miss the breath leading to the beginning note.
What I found myself missing was the ability to let the recording musician hear the few first notes of the previous recording - while at the same time recording the new overdub (plenty in advance).
And I really don't want to create a new track pr dub...

1 Set a short cut for "Time Selection: Set start point"
2 Right click rec button, choose "Recording mode: time selection auto punch"
3 Set the time selection very late
4 Begin recording.
5 Punch in with "Time Selection: Set start point"
6 Pull left side of the item to reveal all the recorded content and make a pretty transition.

The cool thing is you can just leave the time selection if doing more takes.
Also, punch out with "Time Selection: Set end point".

Screenshot recording:
this is a nice workaround, but I'm sure there's another way I've seen described somewhere. previously, I've always messed around with multiple tracks, muting here and there and comping afterwards. not ideal.
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Default Very basic workflow tip - may be obvious, but you never know.

When recording a voice or instrument, you may find that the optimal record level is a lot lower than the playback level you're aiming for in the mix, unless you're going to get a clipped, distorted signal.

So rather than record on your carefully nurtured vocal/guitar/bassoon track and then dial the take level up (every time!), or record hot and risk clipping, just:

- Record at the optimal level on a VST-lite *copy* of your playback track. -

Once recorded or comped, drag the new, optimal media item onto your carefully nurtured playback track, which is all ready with VSTs, envelopes, etc. Mute the record track, colour it purple. God it's so simple. Yes, it's bloody obvious, but others like me may have overlooked this method.

For each live recorded um, thing, I have a 'master' PLAY track which is not normally adjusted, and an identical, dispensable, 'RECORD' track (apart maybe from level, fewer VSTs and sends/receives) which can be named appropriately for daily/hourly/instantaneous takes. And of course it can be duplicated for alternate takes; but you never need to adjust the 'PLAY' track once you're set, or unless you're in tweak mode.

This may be common 1-0-1 practice that even the noobiest noob would know, but I didn't suss it till today. (Smacks forehead). Not just Reaper, but if it's easier in another DAW I'd be surprised. I'm trying to imagine how it would work with tape.
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Default Good multi-monitor zoom shortcut

A good one if you don't know it: (shift +?) double-click on a selected mixer track (not the pan area) zooms that track (and toggles zoom) in the track window. A boon with multiple monitors, anyway, and eliminates most of that track height adjustment/locking.

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Default Forums as RSS Feeds

Copy the URL of this forum and add it to your RSS reader!
(I use NewsBlur)
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Default Reduce CPU strain in multiple windows and minimizing

Hi, only me again.

Set a custom action to 'toggle all FX on/off', such as Ctrl+F. It's very useful if you want to open more Reaper tabs or windows, eg for project/item copy/pasting purposes.

While the FX are off, your computer won't go into snail mode and Reaper won't be straining to even run. If you then minimize Reaper with all the FX off, it doesn't seem to hog CPU, and it's much faster to switch back, including turning the FX back on.

No need to close Reaper any more! I haven't tested to see if it reduces loading speed

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Default crossfade

I was going to put how to crossfade because what is written in the Quickstart guide for it just never works for me partly because it doesn't seem clear, it looks like they are saying enable, drag while holding X but that has never worked for me. I worked out what to do once but can't find the note I made about how so could someone tell me please? Thanks
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Can't download the compiled tips pdf file for offline perusal. Google docs says I need authorization. I asked for it over a month ago, but still no response. Is that abandoned?
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there's an action in the midi editor 'insert note at mouse cursor'

I was planning on overhauling mouse modifiers til I realised this was the solution to 95% of my issues - no need to fiddle around with different mappings for drum programming when I can just point my mouse and tap a key to whack down notes.

you can even hold down the shortcut and paint notes if your kb has a decent repeat rate and your mouse accuracy isn't too shabby
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