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Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
It was a needlessly grumpy and pedantic reply from me - I was trying to quit smoking and not in the best mood
hey Joe, no hard feelings at all.
I don't smoke for 10 years already and it feels good and my studio is super clean.
good luck.

Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
Regarding the devs only listening to a small core
they listen...
Some people like Evil Dragon has spare time in their parents home 23k posts.

if you will read the posts in this thread, you will see that many users want the same as I do, look how much people agree with me and he just call us "1% / insignificant" to justify his own weird and specific workflow, but it works for him, that's I can assure you, the devs actually listened to him! can't believe it...

I can also assure you that non of my friends/producers I know in real life will join reaper if the midi editor won't have strong basics.

I can also tell you that I just gave up 2 days ago... when it comes to midi editing, it seems to me that our devs have no idea what is a good midi editing so they listen to people like ED that has spare time....I just lost hope in the midi editor of reaper.

I will still use reaper for recording and final mixing, but for midi editing, this software is just hopeless compare to FLstudio and alike.

Until there will be a DAW that has both I will just use the 2 because the devs don't listen to what they need to listen, they listen to what the users that have spare time because reaper's devs don't have a clue of what a superb midi editor can do.

I just wish they give a try to FLstudio's midi editor and see and learn the difference so I can finally use DAW that is good in everything.
Thanks devs for adding the abillity to use single click to change a single velocity And single right click to remove a single note without dragging.
much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
because the devs don't listen to what they need to listen
Let's rephrase that: "My feature request is the most important and devs are stupid for not listening to ME ME ME and 100% of my producer friends".

This is not how things work around here. You don't decide what devs should do. Nor do I or anyone else, except devs themselves.

Also grow up. Maybe notice how much of those 23k posts was actually helping other people getting up to speed with Reaper, and also over which time it accumulated. I don't have an awful lot of free time and I don't live at my folks' house, so stop with stupid conjenctures that make no sense. It just makes you look childish.
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