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Default Looking for a good usb interface for Leopard (not Snow Leopard) and bootcamp XP

I have leopard and bootcamp windoze xp.
I am looking for an interface for recording that will work on both systems in a stable fashion. I currently have mbox 2 mini which i have set up with drivers i downloaded and it works on both leopard and xp. But it gets kinda quirky sometimes. (and I DO NOT use pro -tools ... which this is "kinda" made for.

I recently got a focusrite scarlet 2i2. I went to the website and downloaded the drivers for windoze xp and mac os. (I didn't want to open the softeware "bundle" package because then I wouldn't be able to return it if it didn't work right). well the scarlet specs were for the mac was Snow leopard and they were right! My leopard didn't even see it. it did work with windoze.

Anyway, i don't want to "upgrade(?)" to snow leopard because I heard that you lose a lot of stuff with the newer imovie. i hate to lose stuff with an "upgrade".

SO, does anyone have any suggestions for an interface which will work well with both Leopard (not snow leopard) and windoze xp?

(In about 2 or 3 years I hope to get a mac tower and I will then upgrade)

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Originally Posted by kristen View Post
i don't want to "upgrade(?)" to snow leopard because I heard that you lose a lot of stuff with the newer imovie.
iMovie is not a part of the OS, it's a separate application in the application bundle called iLife. iLife is not included with an OS upgrade, so you would use your current iLife (as long as it is still supported on the newer OS).

And if you are talking about iMovie 6 HD, it atleast used to be freely available for purchasers of the later iMovie.
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