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Default How can I sync midi with audio tracks?

I'm new to Reaper and music in general. I'm playing around just trying different things. So I got the idea to add an accompaniment to a song I have as a .flac file. I want to add some kind of drum beat to the music.

When I recorded my midi track (using a virtual drum kit and the built-in Reaper keyboard), I wasn't able to keep perfect timing with the music that was playing on the audio track, so now I need to adjust the midi track to line up with the beat on the audio track.
I can do this by moving one note at a time, but that is going to be very time consuming.

I have watched most of Kenny Gioia's videos, which I found to be excellent, but I don't recall if he illustrated what I want to do. I know he did for snyching different midi tracks, but since the audio track isn't laid out on a grid like the midi notes are, it doesn't seem possible to use the normal method of fixing the timing of notes on one track.

Is there any way to do what I want to do, or do I just need to practice enough until I can keep perfect time with the music?
I think I might buy a real midi controller / keyboard, but I want to see whether I can work with the virtual keyboard first.

Thanks for your help

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The tempo is baked in to flac file, so you have to match the reaper project to that. It is dealt with a in kenny vid, but there are so many kenny vids now it makes it tough to find the right bit in the right one!

If the track you're playing to is a fixed tempo then my favourite quick way to work it out is actually this: https://www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm

There is a JS that does the same thing but I can't remember what it's called.

Tap the tempo, set the project to the correct tempo and then adjust the start point of the flac file so you've got the beats properly lined up to the grid. You'll then be able to use the quantise tools to bring your performance in time with the flac.
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Thanks. I have been playing with that, after watching many of the Kenny vids. I have the "Reaper Mania" site bookmarked, then use the small search box to find what I am looking for. Those vids are indispensable for people like me who are just starting out with Reaper.
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You may need to tempo map the audio which will align the grid to the audio file.
Kenny's video is really good and covers some preliminary steps better.

I think SonicAxiom's method is more efficient though.
Everything you need to know about samplerates and oversampling... maybe!
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