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Default Virtual Guitar Pedalboard, with external controller?

I just purchased a second large pedalboard, plus $200 for a good iso power supply, to hold all my extra studio stompboxes. While I have a lovely collection or real tube amps, I usually find myself recording with Amplitube. However, you can't beat the convenience (tweakability) and coolness-factor of stompboxes.

But now I'm thinking - Other than an analog wah (still no great digital equivalent) do I really need external stompboxes at all?

I have several VST-based plugins that are either dedicated pedal emulations, or included with amp modelers. However, what I'm looking for is the hardware-software integration that would make it seem like I still have the external boxes underfoot.


Can anyone recommend both an excellent suite of vst stompboxes (or singles) plus some kind of midi foot-controller, that can be easily integrated so as to have tweakability of the most important parameters? Ideally it would also have the ability to store / change macro setups, but I can live without that.

Again, I'm not looking for amp models, per se. What's important is to be able to assign various parameters to the external controller, and to do so for a number of different virtual-stompboxes at the same time.

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