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Default v5.50rc22 - September 6 2017

v5.50rc22 - September 6 2017
  • + FX: various fixes related to user-preset navigation [SWS Issue #885]
  • + Spectrogram: add spectral editing support, action to insert new edit regions [YouTube]
v5.32pre9 - January 6 2017:
  • + MIDI editor: better support for cut/copy/paste of MIDI events from/to multiple tracks
  • + MIDI: don't play back notation for muted notes
  • + MIDI: preserve muted events during glue
  • + Notation editor: add support for more ornaments and techniques
  • + Notation editor: fix setting one half of grand staff to +/- 8/15 va/vb (up or down one or two octaves)
  • + Notation editor: support entering arbitrary track and note notation/ornaments via text entry (example: 0xE5D2 for "lift", see smufl.org)
  • + Video: improve video processor bypass automation UI behavior
  • + Windows: fix knob issues on Win10 HiDPI displays [t=168589]
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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