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Sometimes I have a track with an effect that I have tuned, and want to copy that instance across to a set of selected tracks. Good to be able to do this directly in the mixer.

I use the action:

mpl_Insert focused FX to selected tracks, preserve parameters.lua

I bind this to Cnt/Shift/Alt F so its right there whenever I need it

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not to derail ... but

Is there a way to Add multiple copies of an FX to a single Track ?

example: 3 copies of an EQ plugin.

Thanks !
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Originally Posted by bigjoe View Post
If i understood the question, the same FX can be inserted to any number of tracks natively, without SWS or console commands.
Just select the tracks (all or any number) open the FX window, right click on the plugin you want to add and select “add FX to selected tracks”.
And that’s it.

Now you have an instance of the same plugin in every track that was selected upon insertion of the effect.

I hope i don’t screwed up my answer by misunderstanding the question

Great tip! Thanks. Thanks to Julian for his comment also :-)
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