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Default Enrique Urquijo cover in the beach

Hi! I want to share with you a live recording I did the other day.

Last Saturday I recorded my friend Sergio Sanchez in the beach, playing a cover song from Enrique Urquijo, member of the Spanish band "Los Secretos", who died 20 years ago. The song consists in acoustic guitar and vocals only, and it was recorded with a single mic, a Rode NT1A (the other mic in the video is an AKG that wasn't used for the mix in the end) into a Zoom F4 recorder.

In the "mix", first of all I applied substractive EQ to discard some freq bands in the low and high end that weren't needed. With this first EQ, I also used automation to notch an unpleasant harmonic which occurred at the end of the song, when the guitar stops playing; secondly, I added another EQ to boost 4 dB in the 200Hz; next, I inserted Waves Pugchild 660 to tame the overall level of the song, and next to it the L6 limiter to raise level and tame the peaks.

Last but not least, I inserted iZotope Ozone 8 in the master bus, and the only thing I touched here was at the Maximizer section, where I set the ceiling to -1dB, as I knew my friend wanted to put the song on Youtube.

Here is the song, every review is welcome and appreciated:

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Hi Pablo,

This was fun to listen to and read about. Keep at it. I also looked up Enrique Urquijo and liked what I heard too since I had never heard of him. Thanks for sharing.
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