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Default HELP: REAPER plays audio at 1/4 temp and sounds like garbage

I am having a problem with REAPER and I'm hoping someone can clue me in on how to fix it. This issue was occurring in 5.40 and is still happening in the new version just released. 5.50c/x64.

Whenever I hit play on anything--could be something I have recorded or a media file I have inserted--the sound is essentially garbage. It sounds like the tempo is running at about 1/4 speed and everything is completely distorted.

I used to get this a couple of months ago, but I could fix it by going into Preferences/Device and changing the Audio system from WASAPI to ASIO or vice versa. The ASIO outputs to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the WASAPI to my desktop speakers. Both worked a couple months ago. I took some time off and now, even this workaround doesn't help. Nothing works. I have tried getting rid of the majority of stuff I have running in the background, non-REAPER related programs/services. That doesn't help. Note that this machine is new as of January 2017 and has plenty of power and RAM to be running REAPER. 16GB of RAM and this is an Intel i7 quad core processor.

Settings in Audio system:
Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver
Enable Inputs:
1: Input 1
2: Input 2
Output range:
1: Output 1
2: Output 2
Request sample rate: 48000
Request block size: 256

Pre-zero out buffers: CHECKED
Ignore ASIO reset messages: NOT CHECKED
Audio thread priority: ASIO Default/MMCSS Pro Audio / Time Critical
Allow projects to override device sample rate: CHECKED

Any suggestions? I appreciate your time...
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