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Default Control of FX params - help me understand a better way :)

Hi all! I am coming from multiple other DAWs, and have been using Reaper about 5 months. Having a great time

I am mostly using OSC for remote control, and the one thing I am unable to figure out - how to control the order in which plugin (VSTi, FX) parameters are presented. As far as I can tell, Reaper just dumps the full automation list to the remote client, and lets the client sort it out. So, because my FX controller has 8 knobs, the only way I can control (for example) parameter #57 is to scroll through 8 banks of parameters until I find the one I want.

What many other DAWs allow you to do is save a "short list" of remote control destinations - per plugin. So you identify the 16 or so you are likely to need, save them to a "quick control" list (e.g. Cubase) or "macro" (e.g. Ableton, Bitwig) -- and if you've done so, those are the ones that are presented to the remote instead of the full 512+ automation IDs

I'm using OSC, but as far as I can tell a different problem exists for MIDI - you have to hardwire destinations on an instance basis and save that specific instance/track template/etc.

Is there any way to do what I'm talking about (create a list of remote parameters per plugin, that change depend on the focused plugin)? Currently I'm using O-S-C to query the plugin name and build a new array on the fly, per focused device. But...this is tedious because I have to hard code it for every possibility

I'm ok if the answer is "saving automation IDs per plugin is not possible, you'd have to script it" - I'm comfortable with scripting, if there is sufficient exposure in the API and it can be stored/recalled somehow.

Thanks in advance!
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Here's a polite bump

I've had a look at the CSI thread - the thread is currently 100+ pages and therefore hard to tell what the actual specs are, does anyone know if CSI will help with this issue?
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CSI will help. You just have to roll up your pant-legs and get in there. The water will be cold at first! Don't be afraid, people will help you
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I think I'm looking for a similar kind of solution. Cubase has a quick control section for each track and the 8 knobs on my control surface are mapped to the "quick controls". Then when the track is selected, the control surface knobs control those quick parameters and they can be changed on the fly. This is much more flexible than hard coding each instanced plug-in to your control surface. From what I've researched, I haven't found a Reaper script or extension to do this. Please let me know if there is a way to accomplish this that I haven't uncovered.
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poetnprophet just answered exactly this in the message right above yours.

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I think LBX smartknob script will do exactly what you want https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=204972
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