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Default Drum loop panned, not centered?

Hello all!
Long-time user of another DAW, but new to Reaper. I really liked my other DAW, but there was very little info online if I got stuck. Reaper looks great!

So I added a stereo drum loop to a track in a new project. The loop plays in stereo in VLC and Winamp, but when I bring it into Reaper, it's panned hard left. The track "Pan" knob is centered, & the Routing shows Pan is centered. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

A couple of other drum loops I imported are the same way; centered when I play them in VLC, panned in Reaper.

Headphones & speakers are fine, etc, problem seems to be a Reaper setting. Any ideas?

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It sounds like your hardware output is set to send both channels to the left output. Check your audio device settings in Reaper's preferences.
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