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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Those "cross feed" plugins...
Straight from the back pages of the audiophile magazines! Right next to the $200 gold plated USB cables made of plutonian nyborg wire.
Can you say comb filtered? I knew you could!

I guess it adds extra proof that anything and everything sounds fine in headphones. It can lead to wonky mixes. Good speakers in a reasonable room will always be better. To be clear though, I can't argue with any of the comments preferring them over a shitty room and consistency when you get to know them. Pretty f'ing matter of fact!

I've made a few broadcast mixes using my Shure E4 in-ear monitors. They came out OK. I wouldn't ever share or release them though! (I mean, they're out there somewhere in someone's bootleg collection now no matter what I want.) Felt a little desperate and I suppose it was.
Actually, I've found crossfeed plugins to really help with setting levels of central elements like vocals and spacial effects.

If these elements are mixed on speakers or with speaker-emulating plugins they sound right on speakers or headphones, but mixing them on headphones without any crossfeed led to those elements being off for me. It can also be really useful for a sanity check for low end.

This is all with the caveat that I don't have it on all the time and I was so used to mixing on speakers that the transition to headphones really threw me off.

Realphones is the best I've tried by far, though I've not tried the Slate VSX.
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Originally Posted by Softsynth View Post
Headphones do not require room correction. Broom cupboard or grand hall irrelevant to headphones.

You could potentially use EQ correction for iffy frequency response of a specific model, but that's not room correction, that only takes into account the headphones themselves.
I have a pair of Audio-Technica Headphones which makes bass sound amazing. I Applied some EQ to them on my monitoring FX to take that bass out, because it was making Mixing between a flat Monitoring system and the Headphones, so confusing for me.
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