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Default Reaper Web Controller documentation

Hi there,

I am totally new here and just discovered the Web Controller (fantastic?) feature available in Reaper.

So far I was not able to find any documentation on the Web Controller "API" (is it an API?)

Ardour for instance has this documentation http://manual.ardour.org/using-contr...dour-with-osc/

Is there any equivalent for reaper ?

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The HTTP web interface documentation is in main.js at the root. (The OSC doc is in <resource path>/OSC/Default.ReaperOSC.)
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Hi Welcome to the forum

User X-Raym wrote this documentation

It was a huge help getting our Web Remote Builder to work.
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@all thanks for your replies.

This doc is a good start indeed.

My primary problem is to find a fully multi-touchable DAW working on linux.
Ideally multi-touch features should work directly in the DAW and if not from a remote app. From what I've read/seen Reaper does not offer multi-touch features so I was expecting this Web Controller API to allow :

- transport control (yes it does!)
- mixing / arming / muting / soloing (yes it does)
- FX controls
- midi instrument controls - multi-touchable virtual keyboard / knobs / faders
- audio / midi editing - clip select / resize / move / copy / cut / paste - envelopes and automations lanes editing... (this part seems at least hard if not infeasible since it would implies that the whole track lane and all clips in it are reproduced on the remote device... quite hard to do...)

For now I guess I have to read more about OSC abilities in Reaper... Or hope that multitouch will be developed by reaper team !

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