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Default Need Help with this song!

Happy Holidays everyone
Total beginner in recording. Need some help improving the mix and sound of this song i am working on. It's a very rough draft right now. Any advise is appreciate.

I like to know

* How to improve the sound of the drums, guitars and bass

* Are there any instruments too loud that i need to turn down or vice versa.. any instruments i need to turn up?

* Any advise on playing and about song writing?

Thanks again, I have learned alot on this group. https://soundcloud.com/davidcho-1/sandwiches
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Hi, despite the overly aggressive limiting (loudness war is still ongoing apparently), the main issue with this song is the guitars are slightly... well, quite ahead of the main beat.

This is always a problem with MIDI or looped recorded/mixed beats many demos have and it is considered a "rookie mistake".

- choose the right tempo
- follow the pulse of the beat, without trying to rush it

For my taste also the guitars are too loud, compared to the main drum beat (supposedly you are guitarist or the guitarist made you do the mix as such). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound of the drums, nor with the sound of the guitars. The bass is quite boomy for me, not well defined but still a good sounding bass.

The main problem is the pulse is not "in the pocket". Then the second problem is just a level balance between the instruments in the mix.

Here, I made a quick reference with built in beat and default drumkit of Addictive drums and default guitar amp preset frоm Ampltube 4, no bass guitar (do not have one at the moment), only two guitars, just level balanced mix and limiter on the master bus (the riff is from TOOL's "The Pot"):


... and now as I heard it, I am also rushing slightly ahead of the beat
As I said, it is a very common "rookie" mistake, signifying of something done in a hurry.
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Another thought: It`s kinda hard to use syncopated bass drum parts when the rest of the tracks (guitars, bass) are Djent-ing in solid 4/4

You might want to try either straightening up the drum part or putting some sympathetic movement into the guitar/bass parts.

Nice guitar sound though.
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