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Default Pulseaudio gets RT scheduling error

I have configured RT kernel and the kernel parameters all as recommended. My syslog shows:
Sep 15 10:31:37 lindaw rtkit-daemon[3743]: Supervising 1 threads of 1 processes of 1 users.
Sep 15 10:31:37 lindaw pulseaudio[6237]: Stale PID file, overwriting.
Sep 15 10:31:37 lindaw pulseaudio[6237]: Default and alternate sample rates are the same.
Sep 15 10:31:37 lindaw pulseaudio[6237]: JACK error >Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/80)(1: Operation not allowed)<
Sep 15 10:31:37 lindaw pulseaudio[6237]: JACK error >JackClient::AcquireSelfRealTime error<

Jackd works well ... does that only affect pulseaudio and can this be ignored?
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s wave
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Cool RT error? Is pulse in the way? Could be other things...

You do not necessarily need a 'real' REAL TIME (RT) Kernel. If you have 'real time scheduling', that is what got me started. And sometimes you have to enter a command to allow the 'USER' to have RT (scheduling) enabled. It kinda allows a user to be able to run the RT program as Super User, with higher priority of the program. (Try extending calls time? not enough loading time). Sometimes you will get an error if Pulse and Alsa are not configured correctly. ONE note - are you using jackd1 or jackd2? Two different types of - routing try both, it depends on what OS. A final idea is manually starting Jack with Qjackctl GUI before starting REAPER or try enabling jack to automatically start when you start REAPER. hope this helps someway... good luck post a reply people here are helpful.
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