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Default How to run over a network

Is it possible to run ninjam server and then connect computers within the same network at 100mps lan with no delay?
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i haven't setup a ninjam server before, but i can tell you that you're not going to achieve zero latency over a network. if that were possible, i'm sure that ninjam would have the option to not delay by bars of time.
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As long as you're using TCP/IP and soundcards and such it'll be fairly difficult to get a low enough latency. You might consider just using the same wire to send audio directly.

However, if you want to experiment, try switching your Local Channels to "Voice chat" mode, which will give you the lowest possible latency within NINJAM. In this mode audio is sent ASAP and played back ASAP with no intervallic delay.

You might also try the ReaStream plugin bundled with REAPER. Then you can send MIDI too and I'd guess the latency *might* be a tiny bit lower (no OGG encode/decode)...
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Brennan I haven't really checked yet but is Voice Chat stereo?
Also ya right about using LAN cables to do Audio, seen a few projects on that and sure I've seen hardware here and there when looking for other stuff.
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