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Default a cheap alternative for MSR

I want to get a further listening and I've got the gear already (speakers + sony amp) and I want to quickly switch from the nearfileds to the commercial ones.
I think the presonus MSR will do the job BUUTTT I was wondering if there's a cheap alternative before undocking the bucks (maybe with what I already own)

basically I have a firestudio with plenty of unused outputs

thinking about reaps routing-track multi outs behavior + the gear I already own I thought I could arrange this "2 + 2 speakers" thing

but I ask you first. (my expertise sucks here)

so: considering I have

- amp
- commercial speakers
- plenty of unused outputs
- reaper

would it be possibile to do what I want the MSR to do for me?

- an additional listening
- talkback thing
- a separate, independent headphone out

I briefly asked about a sort of thing already but this is a bit more detailed

thanks for the forthcoming ideas or suggestionzzz
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I do it in software.

I made a custom toolbar for this not too long ago in another thread. I don't have time to look it up now (late for work)


Basically, create as many hardware sends as you need on the master track. These custom actions will mute all of the master sends and then solo the one you want to use. (ie: clicking "3-4" will mute all hardware sends on the master, and solo whatever is on outputs 3-4, in my case: computer speakers)

I can't take credit for the actions and I can't remember who it was in the thread who made them either (I'll look it up as soon as I can)

You'll need the SWS extension for this to work.

This is for monitor switching. You could also use it to make a separate headphone output too, though. But you'll probably need a headphone amp to do it.

As for the talkback function... I could have sworn someone made a JS talkback plugin.. Hmm now I'm curious
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huge thanks bop!

I smell'd we always should give reaps a chance first

let me know when you solve those little doubts so I can ask you some detailed stuff

I'm planning to compile a JS extension for booking flights inside reaper
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