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Default Dynamic Split Items- What am I doing wrong?

For the life of me, I just can't seem to grasp the proper use of this, even though I'm very familiar with gating thresholds, transient detection, etc.

Let's say I want to apply the Groove tool in SWS to a sampled drum loop (yes, I realize that non-separated drum tracks will lead to problems for those trying to get different quantize values for kick vs hi-hat vs snare etc., but that's not relevant in this example). My desired end result is to have the sampled drum loop match the MPC 60% Swing setting I've applied to the MIDI tracks in a project. I know I have to use the DSI script first, and so pull it up. It's not that noisy of a sample, I can easily see even where softer hi-hat transients are; I figure "This shouldn't be too confusing for DSI as long as I set things properly." Yet, no matter if I use Transients only, Transients + any permutation of Gate settings, Gate settings only, or how I set thresholds for Transient or gating- nothing ends up behaving in an expected manner. I look at a threshold setting as it's displayed in the "preview", and can clearly see where transients break it- but the script will ignore them, and proceed to place splits in things like reverb tails even when the threshold isn't set anywhere close to being persnickety- Reduce Split Points will take away obvious ones while leaving un-needed ones in. I find myself wishing the script was a human so I could say "Look, it's not complicated. Look at the screen- see where the short spiky bits are? Split the file at the beginning of those, and leave everything else alone."

I absolutely know it has to be me, and not the script, since there has been NObody with a similar issue. Trying many permutations of detection settings, in order to attempt elimination of PEBCAK due to mistaken assumptions, did not work. I searched away in here to see if this was "a thing", and what solutions there might be- but nope. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Hence, I have posted here, as embarrassing as it is.
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I think screenshots are in order here. You can upload them to the stash: https://stash.reaper.fm/ to add them to your post. Have the transient sensitivity dialog open as well if you do.

If it's a really straightforward and even loop you could skip using the Dynamic Split dialog just use an action to split the item on the grid and then apply the groove.

Is it a wav file or some compressed file like mp3?
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@foxAsteria- My apologies for the delay, I didn't get notified that I had a reply. Thank you for replying, first of all!
You're right; I'll work on getting some screen caps going, after I get caught up to the latest version.

As to your question? It's a been a plain ol' vanilla WAV file when I've tried it- either 16-bit/44.1, or 32-bit/48 (having come from the hoary days of Cakewalk Music Creator 2003 and ACID, I still marvel at REAPER's ability to actually handle simultaneous audio and MIDI events without churgling to a stuttery crash, and I still instinctively check to make sure nothing in DAW or plugins will choke on a format).
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This is not a new problem and may well be because you have a sampled loop with all the different drums pieces within the same item. I have some loops with acoustic kits where the dynamics and level differences between the set pieces make it real hard to adjust the dynamic split to capture all the proper transients. A split marker may indeed totally miss for example a closed hihat tick but mark instead the tail of some other kit piece noise after that. Then when you have set all the parameters to certainly capture all the proper transients too, you have so many extra markers, it makes no sense anymore.

Try the settings under the Set transient sensitivity button, bottom left in Dynamic Split window. That doesn't work either in some cases. Using the help of different peak display modes*) eg. Spectrogram + Peaks and just dropping in the split markers by hand might be way faster than trying to do it with dynamic split if the source is troublesome.

*) View/Peaks Display Settings.

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