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Default Printing an analog mix with & w/o FX

I am doing the analog summing. My stereo mix is coming back from an analog console into Reaper. There I'd like to apply some mastering FX.

Similiar like: https://www.puremix.net/video/settin...g-summing.html

I want to:

A) the unprocessed audio, right after AD convertion (FX turned off)
B) the processed / mastered audio (FX turned on)

…and to be able to easily change between A & B

A) the unprocessed audio
B) the processed audio

…at the same time / pass.

Could you please help me regarding the setup:
1. How many tracks?
2. How to route them?
3. How to set them up? With the right mouse click on RECORD ARM / DISARM I get plenty of options... On the RECORD MONITORING as well. Feeling lost...
4. Should I use Input FX?

Thanks a tone!
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i'm a bit curious why you need to do them in the same pass, as the standard method would be to record your mix and then do the mastering afterwards, but it's not a big problem to set up two identical tracks to record, one can be the dry version and the other can have fx on.
Seeing as you want to do it "live" so to speak, you could use input FX, or you could use track fx and set the track to record: output, the choice is yours.
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