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Wild Eye
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Default Reaper midi sync to Pigtronix Infinity Looper

I want to record loops on my Pigtronix Infinity Looper that are synced to Reaper. I am pretty poor with technology so please don't be afraid to point out the obvious. Saying that, I have spent ages on the issue so do know a bit!

I have had problems with my Infinity, but I seem to be over most of them. The problem might be the Looper's set-up, not Reaper's. That said, Pigtronix claim that the looper should default to midi syncing, so in theory it's more likely to be Reaper that's the problem so long as the looper is receiving a midi signal.

Reaper is definitely sending a midi signal (checked with a midi hardware keyboard). Infinity seems to be detecting a midi in signal - I triggered a loop to start with Reaper.

But when I try to record, the loops seem to start and stop exactly when I press the footswitch, and definitely not on the beat from Reaper.

I presume that somewhere in the settings I have missed something - Reaper experts please help - if you know the Infinity as well then you're my hero!

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Wild Eye
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I am replying to my own thread in the hope that what I type is useful to others. This is what I have done and learnt over the last few weeks with the help of lots of googling and a guy at Pigtronix (bit no-one on here helping... boo!!!!)

(1) Pigtronix Infinity Looper. Upgraded memory card to Sandisc one (the ones supplied with the loopers are apparantly unreliable). Formatted new momory card. Factory reset of looper. Upgraded Looper App to latest version. Ran looper app using right click "run as administrator". Went to global settings and unticked every box. Rebooted looper holding stop mode so it detects next midi signal.

(2) Reaper. Set up a track running ReaControlMidi as a VST and routed the output to my audio / midi interface.

That was kinda it... I think!
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