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Default $item wildcard not working when rendering video

When I try this I get a file that is named only ".mov".
I was expecting it to be named by the selected item.

This was on version 5.965+dev1121 and dev1220 and the regular 5.965.

The item wildcard always works with audio media items but was not working with video renders.

Not sure if this is a bug but it feels like one. I had to manually put in the name for each clip I was rendering.
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That is only valid if you set the render Source (at the top of the render window) to "Selected media items", and select an item. Is that what you were doing?
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Thanks, Justin.
No, I was rendering a music cue to a film for a client. so I was set up as
Source: Master Mix
Bounds: Time Selection
It would be nifty if the selected item would name the file in this instance.

I am relatively new to Reaper so I was excited to set up a render queue of 22 or so "Quicktimes" for a project before I dashed off for Christmas break. It just named all the files ".mov" etc. with increments.
I should have run a test first.
Thanks to your render queue I was still able to render all those very quickly after setting it up with a macro to automatically add the name of the selected item to the name field.

Reaper is so impressive. Happy New Year!
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For what it's worth. This scenario was happening on my picture DAW. I have a second machine/Reaper DAW that hosts all the reels from the film so I can cut and paste music all over the movie to see what works here and there very quickly. It also ends up being a library of what I did for the project by the end of the project.

I render my deliveries from my composing DAW but I make video clips for clients in my picture DAW.
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