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Default Where is lame.dll (MP3 encoder)


Looking to render some stuff to MP3 for net posting. There is supposedly an MP3 encoder that can be downloaded from here.

Where do I find it, and where should it be installed (which folder)in order to be used?

Thanks for your help all.

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Art Evans
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See http://www.cockos.com/forum/showthre...light=lame.dll for advice.
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This is what I have noticed, so I just do this for reaper 32 and 64 and it always works. BTW this location works for theme sets as well.

Copy lame_enc.dll and lame_enc64.dll to:

c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\reaper\userplugi ns

It doesn't seem to have a problem from here, so try it out.

If the appdata folder is not visible, you may need windows to turn on "Show all Hidden Folders" or something like that (search google)

I am using win 7 64 bit and reaper 64, but it should work in 32 bit as well. I hope this helps someone.
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