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Default Dynamic EQs - isn't there some rule against it being this easy?

I've been intrigued by dynamic EQs since I first heard about them, and the different and broader capabilities they offer over multiband compressors, so I've been interested in picking one up for a while. I know there's only a few available out there, and even less that are affordable. I tried out Toneboosters' offering and it was pretty cool, but Melda's Dynamic EQ's greater customization really caught my eye. I've been waiting for it to come around in the rotation of their weekly sales, and last week it finally did, so I snatched it up for a bit over $38, and I consider that an absolute steal for this plug.

I don't know how late I am to the party on this, if I'm like the last one to know, or if there's still a lot of people who aren't familiar with dynamic equalizers and what they can do, but holy crap. The doors it opens in mixing, the problems it allows you to get around so easily that took such complex workarounds before, the totally new creative possibilities it affords, it's just really exciting. It takes a bit to wrap your head around how it works and interacts with everything else at first, but once you really understand it, it almost feels like cheating.

Anyone else taking advantage of these kinds of tools, either Melda's, or Toneboosters', or someone else's? How've you been using it?
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