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Default Hackintosh Mojave - Reaper crashing since v5.97

Hi there,

I hope you'll be able to track down where's problem with my Hackintosh/Ryzentosh, seems I got all basic stuff working. but I'm experiencing Reaper crashes right on the launch, I've found out that v5.965 is working fine, v5.97 is where it starts with the same errors, following all the later versions.

My MacBookPro (early 2015 13" Retina) running the same version of Mojave 10.14.6 is running the latest Reaper v5.981 fine.

attached is crash report, if you see something suspicious that'll help me to fix it I'll really appreciate it. I tried different memory UEFI drivers without success, it's probably something like that or some kext I'm missing.
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Ah Ryzen... Seems the version of ICC we're using is probably incompatible (since officially it's not a supported CPU on the mac). I suppose we could make a clang-only macOS build once in a while, if that would be helpful...
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ah..that would help, if it's not too much hassle.. I know of some other people trying to get Reaper working on a Ryzentosh, too.
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Also on a Hackintosh but intel 8700K here. I do however sometimes get crashes like this:

Thread 9 Crashed:: reaper/videopf
0 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff6f9e0137 pthread_mutex_lock + 0
1 libvlccore.9.dylib 0x0000000110ea848c var_Type + 44

I wor with video all the time. Any idea what this might be related to?
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