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Default Why is the ctrl key (Mac) buggy sometimes?

In a lot of cases setting up ctrl as mouse modifier key doesn't perform the expected action. It either does nothing or not what it is supposed to do.

Example: My Media item left click setup
Shift: Toggle item selection
Ctrl: Add range of items to selection
Shift+Ctrl: Add range of items to selection

When pressing shift it does what it says, when pressing shift+ctrl it also does what it says but when pressing only ctrl, instead of assigning a range of items to the selection, it just toggles item selection as if I was only pressing shift (hence why I have set up shift+ctrl for doing this).

This is just an example that comes to my mind now but I remember this problem happening in many different situations too. For some things the ctrl key works, for others it just doesn't. Why is that so?

Btw I have of course disabled "Control+left-click emulates right-click".
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If you can find one or two ways of recreating this behavior, you can post it into the bug-reports-section.
This should help Justin to figure out, what happened...
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If you can get used to the conventional way of doing it, I find it works as expected. Use shift for ranges and ctrl for toggles. It's this way in most apps by default, so you'd kinda be doing yourself a favor not to get used to the reverse.
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@foxAsteria: you’re right, for this example it is probably better to make shift do range selection and ctrl toggle selection. When setting up Reaper I just checked how I did in Logic and carried it over withouth thinking twice (don’t even know if it was like this by default in Logic or I changed for some reason). Anyway this was just an example but the weirdness happens also in different assignments.

@mespotine: Ok when I have time I will try to examine this more closely and see in which cases it works and in which it doesn’t. Maybe I can find a pattern to report to Justin.
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