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Default Freezing ARA VSTi requires empty media item?

I'm working with an ARA VSTi plug-in that's relatively CPU intensive and that I prefer to freeze the output of when I'm not actively working in it.

Freeze only seems to work for this plug-in if I insert an empty MIDI media item spanning the whole length of the track. I'm guessing this is because REAPER is unaware that the plug-in will generate audio output based on song position, rather than MIDI input.

Is there a better workaround for this? E.g. an option that says, either for a specific plug-in or track, or globally, 'just render and freeze the entire track, regardless of whether it appears to have any content'?

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I'm not sure this is what you want. I think if you time select the region your working on, you don't get the empty item over the whole track.

Just to mention, when I use Melodyne I tend to use it as an media item effect rather than a track insert effect. Makes it easy to apply effect as a new take and effectively removes it from the signal path, but it remains on the inactive take should you want to do additional edits later.

Hope that makes sense and helps?

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I believe you have found the best, easiest, solution. That being to inset an empty MIDI item for any places that need to be converted to WAV. Reaper seems unaware of audio produced by MIDI, so it depends on the MIDI items themselves.

This isn't a bad thing, as audio from MIDI can be almost literally anything. I saw your post because I was looking for a solution to MIDI tracks that use instruments that have a lot of sustaining releases, fades. They continue and fade over a number of seconds past the last note off. Freezing cuts them shortly after that last note off, truncating what's heard when played as MIDI.

The solution is to extend the MIDI item far enough to account for the instrument release.

Reaper has no way of knowing what that release may be and shouldn't assume anything. It's up to us to know what we want, and to make sure the MIDI item covers it.

As for any MIDI VSTi that doesn't require any MIDI item, the same assumptions must be avoided by Reaper. The only way Reaper could know is to use audio output detection - Is audio playing audibly, and if so, render the WAV. This could work, but there are a lot of pitfalls that could mess up things - cause rendering when none was intended.

It's easier to add a blank MIDI item and go with it.
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