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Default Reaper/Kontakt 5/Komplete kontrol

Hi all. Iím a newbie so apologies. My query is how to use Komplete Kontrol within the Kontakt 5 project template. I have followed an excellent link recently on how to set up a 16 channel Kontakt 5 template and have used this extensively. Recently I splashed out on a Komplete Kontrol s49 mk 2 keyboard and wish I hadnít.
Considering they are made by the same company they just donít seem to integrate with each other.
Just wondering how others run the two in tandem as Iím sure many others use both. I am loathed to set new instruments up as a Kontrol instrument when Iím running one instance of Kontakt 5 for 16 Kontakt instruments and donít know how to use the s49 efficiently. Do you open Kontrol as another FX on the Kontakt 5 midi FX and does it make any difference where it is in the FX chain. It appears that you seem to have to search for your instrument via the s49 and then load it in again and separately into Kontakt 5 so you have 2 instances of the same instrument and if you change one of them the parameters you are running are different. There is also major issues with the key lights.
Other than the search screens on Komplete there really is little point going to the expense of such a costly keyboard as a basic midi controller is a fraction of the cost.
Just wondering if Iím missing a trick and by doing something different I would get far better results. Thanks in advance for any replies. Steve
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Supposedly you might want to read this thread -> https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=222331
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