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Unhappy Problems setting up Faderport 8

Hi, I have problems setting up Faderport 8. I've read all threads on both the Cockos and Presonus platforms and got confused. MCU-Logic, Faderport XT, Klinke, Mossreaper, CSI..

I use the latest version of Reaper and the latest firmware of the Faderport. I use the MCU-Logic mode, disabled the faderports in 'Midi-devices' and in preferences set the Control surface to Mackie Control Universal with midi in and midi out set on Presonus FP8.

When I start Reaper (with the Faderport on) the physical faders on the FP jump to the position where the faders are set in the active Reaper project. I can move the physical faders but they jump back to their position in the DAW. And when I move the virtual faders in the DAW (with my mouse) the physical faders on the FP move accordingly. None of the knobs on the FP are working. I can't for instance select or arm a track. But on the other hand if I select a track in Reaper (with the mouse) the corresponding track-button on the FP lights up.. None of the transport buttons work.

Would really appreciate some advice..

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