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Default Shortcut for Closing All Plugin Windows

Hey there,

maybe you know this:
Opening an existing project will sometimes show lots of the Plugin Windows that you are using on tracks or single items.

I'm looking for a shortcut to close/hide all these windows instead of clicking the little X to close each one separately.
Something similar to the function "Close All Plugin Windows" in FL Studio (View > Layout; or Hotkey Alt+F12, in FL Studio).

Does a function like that exist in Reaper? A quick search engine and Reaper makro search didn't turn out positive for me.
Do you guys know anything similar maybe? Thanks.

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There are many actions for that purpose. If you haven't already, download and install the SWS Extension and then search the action list for "close FX", eg. "SWS/S&M: Close all floating FX windows".

I use "SWS/S&M: Focus main window (close others)" whenever I want to close all floating windows.


Also install ReaPack, that will give you even more useful actions.

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Great, thank you very much.
Haven't checked out the extensions yet, but will do so now.
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