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Default Reaper Web Control Problems


I've tried to read what's been written about the web control feature. I still don't understand how to access Reaper from another unit.

The IP of the Win 10 machine running Reaper is I'm using port 8080.

As far as I can understand Windows Firewall is open for Reaper.

On the local machine there is no problem accessing the web control via or whatever port I choose.

On other units, e.g. my phone or my tablet, I can't access it.

I've tried to forward the port in my Asus router, but I may have done something wrong there:

Port interval: 8080
Source target: ---
Local IP:
Local port: ---
Protocol: TCP

Thanks in advance!

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Is there a pop-up window on your phone asking for the User ID? If not, try a different browser on your phone.

Phone browsers in general might block pop-up windows, and give no option to allow them. Chrome on Android does this. So a different browser is needed, one that does allow pop-up windows.
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Is your phone/tablet on the internal wireless network or external network such as using the phones mobile connection? For the latter you need the port forward rule AND the pubic IP of your router - for the former you don't need the forward rule or the public IP just the IP Reaper is using.

So, the very best scenario is to confirm the tablet/phone is on the local internal network. If so, and the firewall is open, and Reaper is running it should work. I see zero value in going through the public side of the router and port forwarding if you are already at home.
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Default Problem solved!

Thank you both for answering!

I found the problem. The rules for Reaper in Windows firewall was inactivated for some reason. Now it all works like a charm.

Now, how do I mark this as solved?
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