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Default Controller Messages via MIDI Hardware Output

Hi Folks.

Imagine the following scenario using an iMac with Leopard and Reaper 0.69 and WinXP with Reaper 2.010:
I want to play guitar to a song and insert controller messages (program changes) in Reaper, which change the presets of my guitar amp via the hardware midi output of my sound card (M-Audio, Fast Track Pro, latest driver). The aim is that the presets are automatically changed while the song is playing along.

So I did:
-Open new project on Mac
-Insert a midi item and set a program change (PC 50 to 51)
-Result: not working!
-So I recorded the midi hardware output with my PC to another midi track to look, what data is really send out of the midi output. The result is shown in the attached picture1: beside the original program change messages, there is an additional program change (127 and sometimes 1) coming out of the hardware midi output. (Recorded Control Mac window in picture1)

Therefore I repeated the same scenario on my PC with Reaper 2.010, and here the presets of my guitar amp are changing as expected. Here, only some pitch bend messages occur in the protocol, but anyhow it’s working… (See picture2: Control PC Recorded MIDI)

The last thing I tried was to open the Mac project on PC and vice versa:
If I open the Mac project on PC, the program changes are missing: not working!
If I open the PC project on MAC, beside the right program changes, there’s a lot of sysex data listed in the midi protocol and it is not working anymore. (Picture2, right side)

Any ideas, what is happening there?
Can someone reproduce this scenario?

Best regards
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