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Default Scroll bar problem in VST plugins

Hello !

First of all I want to congratulate you for your great work!
I just downloaded version 2.012 of Reaper for Mac OSX and I do think it is a great program!

I just wanted to tell you a problem I saw using it. If you already know it, then don't take my post into account!

When using a VST plugin with many settings and pushing on the "UI" button, when the window is not big enough to display all the modifiable settings, there is no scroll bar and all the settings may not be viewed/modified.

One other thing.
I think it's more a suggestion than a bug report :
On a Macbook Pro, it seems that Reaper takes into account only the vertical direction of scrolling. So when in the main waveform window, when I have a lot of tracks and I want to scroll down, I put two fingers on my trackpad and go down => the result is a horizontal zoom instead of a vertical scrolling whatever the setting I chose in Preferences>editing behaviour>mouse>mousewheel modifier.

Hope it helps you!

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