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Default Drums MIDI NoteOff


I apologize if this is the incorrect forum to post to.
I am looking for information on MIDI driven drums and a Note off.

I use Reaper and SSD5 for drums.
I am yearning for the Superior Drums 3 MIDI Editor but want to remain loyal to SSD5.
So I wrote my own.

I currently believe that when it comes to software driven Drums (ToonTracks, Steven Slate,...) and hardware units (I am very familiar with Alesis DM4, DM5, Sr16) that a Note Off is irrelevant.

With that said I am about to strip all of the Note Offs from drum tracks I import into my VST.

Can anyone think of any reason why I should not strip out all of the Note Offs on a drum track? Perhaps some sort of MIDI driven drum thing that requires Note Offs?

thanks for any input.
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