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Default Druminator Render Problem

Hi all,
I have Druminator (https://www.audio-assault.com/druminator.php]), and it works great during normal playback within Reaper. However it seems to miss the first several beats of the output when rendering.

I have been using it for a few weeks with Cakewalk and it renders fine there. I've recently started using Reaper and have this problem only in Reaper with Druminator.

On my project I'm working on, it skips about the first 1.5 measures before coming in (and when it does come in, it's a little off at first). However, when trying to repro this with a simple test project of only a few measures, it seems the output is entirely blank.

In the attached image, I dragged the rendered wav file back into Reaper so you can see the missing portion.

Any ideas what I could do to fix/workaround it?
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IIRC, I set sample rate in render to same as project setting or those drums will not be heard at the beginning of the render like you say. Its very weird, I just assumed it was a plugin bug since I've never seen any other plugins I have act like that.
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@Edgemeal: Thanks! That pointed me in the right direction. It seems to work correctly if I set the Project Settings to the sample rate of my hardware, which is 48k.

Originally, I had left it at the default of unset (with 441000 in the box, but the checkbox unset), and the render wouldn't work regardless of the sample rate I chose at render time (e.g. both 44100 and 48000 gave the issue).

Now I have checked the box to set project sample rate to 48000, and I can select either 44100 or 48000 in the render settings and both work correctly now.
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