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Default RX2 - Reaper Error - Could not import 1 of 1 items!

Hello, I have two macs. Reaper cannot load Recycle rx2 files on one of them. Almost same configuration.

Mac 1: OSX High Sierra 10.13.6, no 3rd party plug-ins installed. Reaper 5.978/64. I can drag and drop a Recycle loop RX2 file in the arrange area and Reaper loads the file without problems.

Mac 2: OSX Mojave 10.14.4, Reaper 5.978/64, several 3rd party plug-ins installed. I get Reaper Error - Could not import 1 of 1 items! when drag and dropping.

What can I check? I have tried a fresh installation and removed all Reaper data without success. Can there be any plug-in that conflicts with loading rx2 files? Anything else I can check?

Thanks for your help
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