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Default MXM Scalable theme

Here is!
The first, the only, and likely the last... fully scalable theme for Reaper5

Current version: V1.2

You can chose between 2 packaging formats. Read below for details

Please note, Theme is defaulted to 150% of scale. You can set setup other scales editing two constants in rtconfig.txt. Read below for details.

How to install:

There are two versions of the package. Both offer the same theme
1. unpackaged - resources are unzipped, allowing scale tuning without unzipping ReaperThemeZip. It contains one subdirectory and 5 ReaperTheme files referring to this directory
2. packaged - MxM_Scalable_150 theme is provided as ReaperThemeZip, other 4 theme files are ReaperTheme ones, which refers to ReaperThemeZip.

In both cases you download zip files which must be unzipped into your theme location.

So what's the difference?

Packaged version way is more efficient, significantly improving theme load time.
But to scale and size of volume sliders, you have to edit rtconfig file.
I recommend to use TotalCommander which provides ability to edit files directly from ReaperThemeZip. Just select the ReaperThemeZip file, hold CTRL+SHIFT and press PAGE_DOWN or double click a mouse.
After editing the file, and closing the editor, TotalCommander will ask to update file in the archive. Done.
Unfortunately I don't know if there is similar easy way to edit content of ReaperThemeZip on Mac without unpacking the file.
Anyway, you can always download unpackaged version.

First Run
  1. Make sure you have HDPI mode set to "Aware" in Preferences / Advanced UI settings
  2. Setup default layouts in Options/Layouts. Initial defaults doesn't apply scaling to volthumbs.
  3. Setup proper scale and volthumb sizes (see below) in rtconfig

How to change scale:
  1. Load one of available MxM_Scalable themes (I suggest to start from 150, because it matches rtconfig default values. Those themes are prefixed by 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200. Those themes differs only by defined font sizes but uses the same resources (images). Numbers indicates scales fonts should feet the best. It's possible to change theme later not affecting the rest scale settings.
  2. set global_config value in rtconfig.txt file to desired value. Value 2.0 might be good for high density displays (ie Retina). Values ranging from 1.25 to 2.0 are suggested for big 4K monitors (42" and bigger) also depending on distance between eyes and the screen.
  3. Match size of volume fader thumbs. Chose the most biggest available size, but smaller or equal than scale. For example select 125 size for 1.35, or 150 size for 1.5 scale.
  4. If needed, change a theme to another MxM_Scalable which better fits selected scale.
To apply changes done in points #2 and #3 you have to reload the theme. Do do that, select it again in Options/Themes

Please note, screenshots are taken from my 4K monitor. Appearance my differ visually on other systems with different HiDPI settings (especially 200% on Retina display).
Link to galery (imgur):

Screenshot 125%

Screenshot 150%

Screenshot 175%

Screenshot 200%

New MCP folder icons to help with nesting

Please note, toolbar icons and item icons are prepared in fixed size: toolbar: 200%, icons 150%. I consider it acceptable for expected GUI scales. Read below for reasons.

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