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Thnx, missed that one amog the 100+functions

I found some issues yesterday while experimenting, but I'm still not sure, whether it's me not getting it or a bug.

Some of the functions want "void" as datatype in their functions(at least, the error-message tells that), I found that with several functions that want HDCs or HWNDs as parameters.
They should return as error-message the type they actually want, even if it's called "Identifier" or something to make debugging easier.
Will check that more in detail to give you a more detailed report.

When passing a HWND as parameter destBitmap, the script crashes Lua, and I can't restart the script anymore, that includes that faulty line, until I restart Reaper.
Maybe it would be a good idea to include a check, if the parameter is a valid bitmap, to prevent such things.

Is there a way to remove the pin from a window again?

Is there a chance to include another function, that returns keyboard inputs, maybe for UNICODe characters and for multiple keys as well? The gfx.getchar doesn't support multikey-inputs and has big problems with UNICODE-stuff

And is there a documentation on how to build it on Win and Mac? I would love to attempt adding some more functions myself but want to check the builds before submitting any commits...
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