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Default parsing the ReaBay file?

thanks to xpander i've found a .ReaBay file for my project and am now trying to parse it to get a printable list of sources used. i have an area of confusion about how this file works. it seems on its surface to be somewhat redundant, though, i'm sure there's a good reaper purpose for that. for my simple purpose, though, it's confusing.

i started by opening the .reabay file in notepad++. from there i made a search for the 'NAME' field. (also searched for 'ITEM" but used 'NAME'.) this gave me a list i could copy to an openoffice spreadsheet. that gives me discreet fields for each source file's usage.

my confusion comes up when searching for 'ITEM' i find the files seem to be duplicated in the second half of the list. the first half shows the source file preceded by a 16 place combination of letters and numbers (hex?) while the second half seems to be preceded by its full path. i don't want to miss any files so i'm unsure:

1. if i can simply delete either the first or second half of the 'ITEM' search.
2. wheteher i should use the 'ITEM' or 'NAME' search.
3. if both of these searches are, in fact, finding the same source materials , whether there is overlap, redundancy, or what.

my main concern is missing something much more than duplication, though, it would be nice to know i'm finding only relevant material.

any pointers appreciated.

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