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Default Kontakt tip! Add your sample library folder to antivirus exclusions.

I was having trouble with Kontakt, where loading my orchestral template would make Reaper freeze up for 8 minutes. After googling, it seemed like doing Kontakts "batch re-save" would help. This did not help me.

However, after some more googling I found this thread, where user msorrels suggests adding the libraries to your Antivirus exclusions list.

I tried it, and now the very same template loads in 45 seconds.

Just a tip!
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Hmm...I wonder if this is also why Reaper takes so long scanning plugins on first startup after boot. Worth a shot at least.
EDIT: Unfortunately not a solution for that...oh well.
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On my music production machine I use no antivirus at all.
That machine is not connected to the 'net and I'm careful when installing new software on it.
Antivirus always puts load on a computer which you don't want when producing music.
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