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Default Yamaha Genos not responding to MSB LSB PC MIDI data

Hello everyone,
I have worked with MIDI since the late 80's and recently bought a Yamaha Genos which, by the looks of it, was carefully engineered to only work with their DAW (Yamaha owns Steinberg Cubase).

Today I've decided to take things "appart" and just record a few notes and press a few buttons while monitoring with ReaControlMidi

The log shows me everything I need to see and yes, the MSB, LSB and PC messages are where they should be. The MIDI channel is 1 and set correctly.

For some weird reason, the instrument does not follow the instructions.

What I have done:
1) I made sure that the output is set to "Workstation 2" which is Genos's way of specifying the second MIDI in
2) I have disabled Yamaha's MIDI USB connections, unplugged the USB cable and used two MIDI cables connected to the audio interface.
I changed the setup to reflect the new hookup and everything I use the MIDI cables, the instrument doesn't even play.

So back to USB.
I can record and even record the arranger patterns. As long as I don't change anything, Reaper will play back the sequence as expected. The problem is that once another style is used, the settings never match after that. Even changing to the same style produces garbled data that sounds ugly as the wrong voices play the wrong parts.

At that point, I double-click a MIDI track, switch to Bank/Progam Sel and enter the MSB, LSB and PC messages manually.

As already mentioned, the Genos ignores my entries.
Yes, I do remove all Sysex data just to be sure that nothing overwrites my messages.

I have never seen this before. On Cubase AI 10, all works with ease but I want to use Reaper only.

What am I missing?
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Default Workable Solution with Reaper

I just want to update this issue since other Genos users might check out Reaper and think that it won't work.

Good news. Recording the MIDI files on the Genos and saving them to USB provides everything that's needed to import the files into Reaper.

I tested this extensively and I can reboot the computer and the Genos as often as I like. The MIDI files work perfectly as long as the track output is set to "Workstation 1" which is how the DAW sees the Genos as.

The USB cable is all that's needed and no MIDI cables are necessary between the DAW > Audio Interface > Genos.

For the record. I do not monitor the Genos trough Reaper and use Genos's speaker system instead.

All in all, not an elegant solution but the result is the same.
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