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Default FabFilter Pro Q3 - EQ Match problem

Has anyone tried using FabFilter Pro Q3's EQ Match feature with REAPER? The plugin itself works, but the EQ match feature doesn't sidechain correctly in REAPER. Works fine in other DAW's. Just wondering if anyone else has had success using the EQ Match feature from Pro Q3 in REAPER?
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In the event someone else runs across this issue, I found the answer on FabFilter's forum. Someone asked the following:

Q: Sidechaining in Reaper is normally done by increasing the channel count of a track. In the case of a regular stereo signal, this would be a change from 2 to 4 channels.

Unfortunately, Pro Q3 switches the plugin from Stereo to Quadro Mode when there are more than 2 channels on a track. The processing of channels 3/4 is also activated by default which can be confusing when tracks 3/4 are used later.

Is there a way to use the sidechain in REAPER while keeping Pro-Q3 in stereo mode?

A: Yes! In recent Reaper versions, there's an option for this. In the plug-in connector, click on I/O, then set "Request VST3 bus channel count" to Stereo.

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