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Default Constant Crashes with 6.12c (Linux)

Linux Mint 17.3
Low Latency Kernel 4.4.0-148
Cinnamon desktop

Reaper has in the past crashed when navigating drop down menus, freezing, going unresponsive, but with 6.12c it now crashes so frequently that I am losing work. I'm going back to 6.10 as it was more stable.
Has anyone else run into this?
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I keep up to date with the latest dev version of Reaper and I haven't had any issue like this on 2 different computers running different distros (mostly XFCE but also KDE and Cinnamon). I'm guessing it's something specific about your configuration.

You're using Mint 17.3 still? That was end-of-life in early 2019. Are you still using the AMD Phenom, and limited to that distro's version due to some aspect of it?

To start:

-what audio driver do you use (Jack, ALSA) and what version and settings
-are you running any scripts
-are you using Reaper with standalone synths (using Jack)
-are your relevant packages for the distro up to date (and if you're back porting anything to remain up to date maybe that's the issue)

For instance the current version of ReaPack requires a newer version of GCC (7.1) than Mint 17.3 had.
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Default What am I using...

Yes I am still using 17.3
I spent 3 weeks distro hopping (after doing a compete drive image of my 17.3 for a backup) trying 18, 18.3, 19.1, Manjaro, and Ubuntu Studio 20.04 (I had hight hopes for that last one,... but no). In a word... Meh.

I'm using Jack 0.3.10
44.1 KHz
Buffer size 512
Periods per buffer 4

I'm a voice actor.
No scripts, no MIDI, and no Synths

System is 100% up to date.
I even made a clone of the 17.3 and applied the upgrade to bring it to 18. Same kinds of problems (plus some additional ones not Reaper related), so I went back to 17.3.

After losing a few hours of work this morning, and reinstalling 6.10, it has been rock-solid, although I'm sure it will eventually lock up when accessing the menus, that has happened from day one; but so infrequently it matters not.

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Can we get a core dump or a call stack?

To generate a core dump:

Run a terminal, type:
ulimit -c unlimited
Then launch REAPER from that terminal. If it crashes, it will produce a file "core" which you can zip and send to support at cockos dot com. Thanks!
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Default Core Dump...

Sure. I'll enable the dump, but it will be for Version 6.10 as I can not afford the negative impact on production that 6.12c has proven itself to be. Still, it maybe of help as it completely freezes in the same manner. "top" shows it sucking up CPU time but not memory, and I have to manually kill the process, but if it manages to generate a dump I'll send it along.
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